Why Yoga Works!

Nothing is more of a drag than poor health or annoying injuries so at the very least remember that all that you learn on your mat will help you learn how to walk, run, dance, swim, hike, think, breathe the right way.

Remember that while strength and speed have their place, dexterity, coordination, agility, focus, efficiency and range of motion are just some of the other tools that are required for optimal movement. Because yoga is so all-inclusive, yoga fills in the gaps of your training, speeds recovery and ensures that you don't have any weak links in your musculo-skeletal system.

It's play for adults, who never get to stand on one foot and pretend they're a tree. It lets you try new things without fear. It's a chance to meet like-minded people and learn something new. It teaches you about yourself..more »

What's up with the lower back?

I hate to be a buzz kill right before the holidays, but you need to shape up. For starters, STOP all that sitting, take off those clunky shoes, dump the poor posture and stop slacking in the exercise department.. and thats just for starters.

The above said cultural norms are the culprits for our aching backs among other things. In a super nutshell here's why our backs get burdened so often..

Our weak core and poor posture result in a collapsed front body and a strained weak back body. Visualize the familiar collapsed front, rolled in shoulders, rounded back.. (think computer work, driving, TV watching, texting, ugh.. )

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Private Customized Sessions

Personally customized Private Yoga programs

ThirdEye offers cohesive one-on-one sessions for fitness, maintenance or therapeutic curriculums integrating: strengthening, flexibility, balance, endurance and stamina, range of motion, stress management, mindfulness and attitude, mental and creative focus, nutritional guidance and lifestyle recommendations. We design a practice that resonates with you on all levels and can be redefined each time you're on the mat. more »

Good Health Put Simply

Most of life is really much simpler than modern medicine and science would like to have you believe. You can have a tremendous impact on how your genes express themselves, simply by providing your cells the right environments.

All you need is a basic understanding of how your body works and a simple philosophical roadmap you can use to find answers to just about any questions of health and fitness – whether it involves personal choices or lifestyle adjustments or whether medical intervention might be appropriate. With this simple strategy, you will forever be able to examine or evaluate any food choice, any form of exercise or any other behavior in the context of how it impacts your life!

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