Why Yoga Works!

Nothing is more of a drag than poor health or annoying injuries so at the very least remember that all that you learn on your mat will help you learn how to walk, run, dance, swim, hike, think, breathe the right way.

Remember that while strength and speed have their place, dexterity, coordination, agility, focus, efficiency and range of motion are just some of the other tools that are required for optimal movement. Because yoga is so all-inclusive, yoga fills in the gaps of your training, speeds recovery and ensures that you don't have any weak links in your musculo-skeletal system.

It's play for adults, who never get to stand on one foot and pretend they're a tree. It lets you try new things without fear. It's a chance to meet like-minded people and learn something new. It teaches you about yourself..more »

Alignment & Pain-Free Posture

Did you know that simple adjustments in your alignment can have dramatic results like releasing neck tension, clearing back aches or reducing knee pain? Or that easy refinements in your physical form can increase energy, shut down stress or eliminate fatigue? If you've been struggling with annoying aches and pains, nagging stress or tension in your tissues, this experience could change your life.. This important program guides you through the essentials of how to reset your alignment, reshape your body and redefine movement with a sense of freedom.

Stress and the City

If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain or stress, this program could change your life. We typically dismiss exhaustion, stress or discomfort in order to simply keep up, until it manifest as auto-immune issues or other chronic ailments. What goes up must come down, and you will crash if you don't take control of this vicious mind-body cycle. Feeling good in your body and enjoying life are possible with a few changes and a killer support system. Sign up now and give your body the ammunition it needs to heal.

Yoga for Anxiety Relief

If you've been suffering from anxiety, this could change your life! Anxiety happens in many forms and often goes unrecognized until it escalates and wreaks havoc on your health, or worse, is taken out on the people you love the most. This program is an essential step in guiding you to harness the impact of anxiety and ways to avoid the toll it can take when left out-of-control. During this 10 session program, you will be guided through evidence-based solutions so that you can finally loosen anxiety's grip--one manageable step at a time and bring panic attacks, adrenal fatigue and endless worry to a screeching halt.

Yoga For Cancer Support

Give your body the ammunition it needs to heal. A complete lifestyle reboot that applies yoga as an evidenced-based tool to manage your relationship with cancer, examine the core elements that can aid in recovery and reduce risk of recurrence. The curriculum includes exercises, breath work, meditation, mindset, nutrition and killer resources that are proven methods towards a better way to live. This program is for anyone who is or was dealing with cancer or who wants to take proactive and preventative steps now. more »

Get your BACK on track

This important program guides you through the essentials of how to protect, strengthen and stretch your back and ways to avoid common issues that can provoke pain. We will cover a simple and easy breakdown of alignment, pain-free posture, muscular and joint balance, gentle strengthening exercises, relaxing stretching techniques, safe and smart sequences you can do at your own pace and comfort level with your daily routine, at work or on the go. learn more »

Strong Flow and Detox

Calling on people who are ready to raise the bar and access deeper dimensions! Invigorating movement & dynamic poses that move beyond one's comfort zone to break through fear, doubt and assumed limitations. This intensive curriculum is designed to: detox, cleanse, empower, strengthen, build stamina, increase endurance and ramp up resilience. Ignite the fire, transform your health, and sweat out the toxic overload! more »

Nutritional Crash Course

FACT: You are what you eat .. there is no deviation from this. The food that you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. The ThirdEye Nutritional Crash Course gives you a clear understanding of the vital building blocks and essential components of healthy nutritional awareness for grocery shopping, cooking, eating out, or diet planning. This is a knowledge base that will completely change your outlook on food. The takeaway will be a nutritional map that will enable you to navigate through food and meal choices with a healthy, enjoyable and holistic approach. more »

Private Customized Sessions

Personally customized Private Yoga programs

ThirdEye offers cohesive one-on-one sessions for fitness, maintenance or therapeutic curriculums integrating: strengthening, flexibility, balance, endurance and stamina, range of motion, stress management, mindfulness and attitude, mental and creative focus, nutritional guidance and lifestyle recommendations. We design a practice that resonates with you on all levels and can be redefined each time you're on the mat. more »