Literally a breath of fresh air..

Nicole Ulrick is not a yoga teacher. She’s an extraordinary yoga teacher. After practicing yoga for over 20 years in the Los Angeles area, finding Nicole was literally a breath of fresh air. She embodies what real yoga is all about; and she has it all. It’s hot, it’s hard, it’s about breath, it’s about movement, it’s about stillness, but mostly, she reminds one that the breath is the core of the practice. Nicole understands, and is able to communicate with grace, strength, and beauty, all while the class is getting an incredible body and mind blowing workout. Even though you’ll get a “workout”, Nicole’s class is MUCH more than that. It’s an experience.

Everyone who practices yoga should experience a teacher who understands what Nicole understands. The true meaning, love, breath, and beauty of yoga. Nicole is a rare, rare teacher. One you’ll remember forever.
Dina Zaphiris
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NICOLE’S approach is super

I have doing yoga for 14 years including 6 weeks in India & i taught in CO for 3 years and NICOLE’S approach is super.
David Bluefield

One of the best things to happen in my life

I cannot speak highly enough of Nicole, her knowledge, and her authenticity. She is an incredible teacher. I feel SO blessed to have found her as an instructor. I came to her with many pain issues, 2 surgeries in my past, and a tortoise pace. Total beginner. I was not up for a class with other people, because it did not work well for me in the past.

In crowded classes at large studios, I did not get the attention that I desperately needed. I wanted to make sure I did not injure myself further.(And I was fearful and embarrassed that I was going to just fall over repeatedly.)

And then Third Eye Yoga, and Nicole happened! Nicole truly wants to help those who are willing to learn.
She is patient and kind, and SO dedicated to helping me help myself. She is passionate, and cares about the small and large victories. Her accessibility is also such a blessing—she is affordable and fair.

She wants her students to have not just better physical health, but clarity and peace.
I have been able to practice with her privately, and it is one of the best things to happen in my life in a long while. I now feel hopeful that I can feel better! I feel empowered and stronger.

I am learning with Nicole how my body works, and how I can teach it to work for me, and not against me. Her wealth of experience and knowledge just blows me away! She is also SO gifted in her communication, and being able to give me a clear, vivid visualization. It is not overwhelming, but challenging. I love it.

I cannot be more thrilled that I am now improving and feeling better! She is amazing!!
Meredith A.

broke down yoga to its basics for me in a way no other teacher in the last ten years

Nicole at Third Eye Yoga is so awesome, but let me explain why:
I have done yoga on and off for years and frankly I hate it. LOL. But seriously, it is a struggle that goes against my natural demeanor. Nicole broke down yoga to its basics for me in a way no other teacher in the last ten years has and taught me (even though I had heard it before i had not taken it in), that it was about being ok with who I am in that moment and learning to push and challenge myself with out comparing myself to others, something I am sure a lot of athletes do.

Yoga has become a “sport” in our culture in many ways and she reminded me that is not its origin. This helped me to stop trying to “succeed” at it, and just DO it, which in turn allowed me to grow in it. She provided a very nurturing and educational environment that taught me much more then a series of poses with out being overly “hippie dippy” as can often be the case. She is a great person who really teaches that as important as it is to be enlightened, we still live in THIS world in THIS century and we have to apply our strive for enlightenment to modern life.

She lets one grow at their own pace, something so many people could stand to learn themselves, and I am happy and eager to see her thrive and grow herself. Learning to use yoga as a place to grow rather then “be the best” has been all the difference in helping me genuinely grow and succeed in life, AND actually for the first time, stick to and enjoy yoga. Frankly, I think this is a very hard thing to achieve in massive gym yoga classes. You really can’t beat the experience with Nicole
Michelle M.

This is THE place to learn

If you don’t know how to do yoga, this is THE place to learn. If you THINK you know how to do yoga, this is the place to really learn how to do it right. This place actually teaches you so many useful important tools for all yoga styles. Sometimes I’m up for a vigorous session or sometimes I need a therapeutic approach and I always leave feeling that I was given such great instruction and inspiration. Bravo ThirdEye Yoga for truly knowing how to TEACH yoga!!!
Natalie M.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for YOGA!!

This yoga studio for me is at good as it gets! My teacher actually cares about each student and is passionate about her and our practice, anyone who walks into this class will instantly feel comfortable!

I have been kicked out of yoga studios for well lets just say, i Have been kicked out. I was scared to death to go to yoga when i moved to LA being that everyone here that does yoga is like a professional. A friend told me to try third eye because of its small classes and well the rest is history.

I have since missed only one class and from this non-committal girl that is huge, I instantly felt comfortable in the class because one it was nice and small and the teacher was amazing and made me feel comfortable and worked with me. With small classes I was able to learn the moves the correct way instead of just following others and hurting myself, I also learned the correct way to move and no actually get a work out while i am practicing.

I have noticed a difference in my body and attitude since i have started class and would reccommend third eye to anyone i know. The best part is is that its not just a beginners class, i have been able to continue with class and there are all levels in my class and no one gets held back and no one feels like they arent learning, It is the perfect balance of a yoga class.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for YOGA!!!!


Utterly devoted & addicted

The teachers are friendly & inventive; encouraging & playful; wise & humble; spiritual but not at all woo-woo.. The stand-out instructor is Nicole Ulrick – I am utterly devoted & addicted to her classes. Every time I bring a friend to her class that friend ends up coming back for more.
N. W.

A ton of useful information

So I’ve never done yoga before and went to a typical class that was packed and the teacher was standing somewhere in the room .. I think. I had a hard time getting into the groove and felt like I was just making twister shapes with my body without any instruction or understanding why it mattered. I was about to pull the plug on the whole yoga hype.. until I found ThirdEye Yoga!

Since then I have developed a confident practice and a ton of useful information that helps me not only in my practice but in other sports as well. Im also blown away by everything I’ve learned about breath work. wow that alone has transformed my life. This place is the real deal and I must admit that I am now on board the yoga train.
Michelle N.

I am blessed to have found this studio

They don’t make enough stars on the chart for this studio. I had been to other Yoga studios in LA, but felt lost in a sea of people and was lucky if the instructor even looked my way during the course of the session. I spent a long time looking for a yoga studio that would educate me about the practice of Yoga, and would patiently guide me through the process and I could not have found a better teacher in Nicole Ulrick.

Her experience, patience, focus, and dedication to the practice are evident within minutes of meeting her and she is genuinely interested in the health, happiness and well being of her clients. She is so supportive and inspires me to really push to the next level, while at the same time, ensuring that I find peace and tranquility in my practice.

If you are looking for an excellent instructor, not only in the practice of Yoga, but Meditation as well, then Third Eye Yoga is the studio for you. I am blessed to have found this studio and cherish my sessions with Nicole!
Christine Scotti

Each and every session is a gift!

At Third Eye Yoga each and every session is a gift! With her superior knowledge and intuitive understanding Nicole guides me and encourages me. Each step of the way I feel safe and cared about while I am learning and at times struggling, her explanations resonate with me long after I leave the studio. My awareness expands after each class and I am able to hear the “teacher” as I walk, breathe and stretch. The studio is in a perfect setting a gentle, organic background for a studio and it’s gifted, kind and amazing teacher.
Patricia H.

Real instruction and information

I’ve never felt like I was really ‘learning’ yoga in most classes, and instead I was just ‘doing’ it and as my body was in all of these random shapes I had little understanding of any of it. ThirdEye Yoga focuses on real instruction and information so you can have a solid understanding of what yoga is really about. What’s also cool is that we can have a healing therapeutic session or we can kick it up to a vigorous challenging session. I am excited and encouraged going in and informed and inspired coming out!
Andrea T.

Valuable info for preventative care

I am almost hesitant to write a review of Third Eye Yoga, as I would like to have this wonderful studio all to myself! I completed the Intro to Yoga package and it has given me a great foundation to start practicing yoga.

This package also brings an awareness to the breath and the body that are so often ignored in Los Angeles. I’d be more than ecstatic to continue private sessions if my budget would allow, but now I feel I have a good understanding of proper form that I can utilize when practicing in group classes, which is crucial for everyone but for me in particular, as my margin of error in my movements is smaller than average since I have had sciatica for 3 years. I am looking forward to regaining some of the flexibility I’ve lost due to my bulging disc and am also excited to increase my strength and balance in Third Eye Yoga’s classes.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this Intro to Yoga package offer. You will learn valuable info for preventative care, which certainly isn’t the way our country approaches healthcare, but if I could go back in time and have the knowledge about my body that I do now several years before my disc deteriorated due to my own negligence and poor posture, I would’ve saved myself tremendous grief and money
Angella K.

Extremely knowledgeable about how the body works

I am new to Yoga, so I really needed to learn the basics. Nicole was a wonderful teacher. She focused on a lot of education about breathing, posture, and form. She’s extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and is also one of the few people who really understand what Yoga should really be about.

I purchased her introductory package of 5 sessions, which was very reasonable for all the attention and information I received. She spends a considerable amount of time educating and demonstrating some of the moves as they relate to her lessons.

Personally, you can tell Nicole teaches Yoga because she loves it. Genuinely loves it. She’s not one of those hard-bodied “”yoga nazis”” who loves bossing people around or one of those gym-bunnies who do Yoga because it’s trendy. She’s the real deal – a serene, centered, caring person who has dedicated her life to the practice of Yoga. I highly recommend her.
Denise G.

This is the best yoga experience I have ever had.

This is the best yoga experience I have ever had…I took private yoga sessions with Nicole and learned a great deal. Her approach is a detailed, informative and scientific understanding of the body and its physical needs, focusing on restorative techniques for healing as well as controlled breathing and balance. A very rewarding experience. One I can take with me and apply to my everyday life. I now have more consciousness throughout the day when it comes to finding balance between mind and body. Nicole’s attention to detail is refreshing. She is a great teacher who exudes patience and dedication to this craft.
Dee Dee C.

I’d found who I had been searching for

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Nicole. I had a haphazard practice previously, with some wonderful early experiences and then a series of failed searches for someone with the right balance for me. The first session with Nicole, and I knew I’d found who I had been searching for. Her explanations of the physical benefits of the positions, combined with the clear guidance on the positions themselves and her calm spiritual energy make for a wonderful physical, intellectual and spiritual experience.

While I could “make it through” an intermediate class before, I never felt I really understood what I was doing. Her teaching of the basic positions has given me an incredible grounding and I realize that doing it well makes even those positions challenging! I leave each session invigorated and wanting more. Plus, she is an incredible person, who I feel blessed to have met. She is what every teacher should be–passionate, informative and supportive.

If you have been looking for such a teacher, your search is over.
Linda C.

Superb health care professional

In the development of physical fitness programs, yoga demonstration and instruction, Nicole Ulrick is a superb health care professional. She has an optimistic, supportive and curative personality that makes her a tremendous asset to anyone fortunate enough to benefit from her expertise and nuturing guidance.

Third Eye Yoga is simply the best!

I have worked with many Yoga instructors and I have never worked with anyone who is as good as Nicole. Yoga is not a “job” to her, its her life and that is how she approaches it. Third Eye Yoga is simply the best!

By far the best yoga experience

If you are looking to do some yoga and get a great workout then give Nicole a call. She is the best, I’m at her group lessons twice a week. The class sizes are purposefully kept small and intimate, it almost has a private lesson vibe. Nicole is knowledgeable about health, classes constantly flow, there is always something to keep things interesting, and the environment is fun and relaxed.

I’ve tried other places and this is by far the best yoga experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been going to her for almost a year now.”
Steven B.

Really focuses and helps you grow

This is an amazing space where the teacher really focuses and helps you grow. I have brought several friends here and every single one say they loved it and have been coming back. The flows are unusual yet not too strange to break your movement and really challenge you to strengthen some of those less comfortable zones (such as my lovely balance!!). Must Try for anyone that is more about growing in their practice than checking out the rest of the ocean of people in otherwise typical crowded spaces.”
Marla S.

My posture is improved.

ThirdEye Yoga has completely changed my life. Nicole is a gifted teacher and quite knowledgable about the body, mind, and spirit. The yoga environment is warm and peaceful. I began taking yoga at ThirdEye a year and a half ago at age 52. I am in better shape now than I was in my 30’s! My posture is improved, I have more stamina and I’m much stronger. I attribute all of these changes to yoga and in particular to Nicole’s instruction. If you’re a beginner like I was or an experienced student, you won’t be disappointed. Give yourself a gift and sign up for a few classes. You’ll love it!

Wow, I never thought I could like something more now than I did a year ago! Third Eye Yoga Studio is the only place to go if you’re serious about integrating yoga into your life. The individual attention and support that Nicole gives is so significant. I’m continuing to get stronger and more confident about life in general because of my experience with Third Eye Yoga Studio. In simple terms, it’s the very best!
Jenny G.

I just can’t recommend this studio enough!

Just came back to practice at third eye after spending some months on the east coast and frequenting some nyc yoga studios…

I honestly did not think I would be “re-blown away” this time seeing that I knew what to expect and all but boy was I wrong! The energy and focus I get while practicing here simply pushes me further than anywhere else I’ve ever been while the increased attention on each student brought the teacher to point out some bad habits I have that were holding my practice and power back – small stuff that I’m sure I’ve been doing for a while and never had it “corrected” by any of the teachers I’ve been practicing with elsewhere!

I think the fact that it’s not a big place has geared it towards smaller classes where the teacher really has the ability to give you more attention

You enter the private residential building studio through a gorgeous little garden and find an equally charming space waiting for you inside with great atmosphere and always a great, down to earth group of people.

I have brought several friends here who all loved it. I just can’t recommend this studio enough!

J K.

HUGE stepping stone in my healing

From the very 1st yoga class, Nicole gave me so much valuable information to take away with me. I have been applying what I have learned DAILY! I can not tell you how much you have helped me. Each time I have a class, I walk away feeling more FREE.

I trust you, feel respected and safe at your class. That helps me more then you will ever know. It has really moved me that there are still people on this planet that truly care about other humans. You have a gift, thank you so much for sharing it.

Truly a lifestyle, a mindset, a relationship between your mind and body, between yourself and the world around you.

I recently completed an “”Intro to Yoga”” program with Nicole – five 1-hour private sessions that have provided an absolutely essential foundation for a truly rewarding yoga practice. Prior to working with Nicole the only experience I’d had with yoga was as part of a P90X class that was offered at my office gym (abandoned after 3 uninspiring sessions). While I’ve continued to be curious about yoga I’ve always been intimidated by large classes, knowing I would be hiding behind rows of lean and lithe yoga gurus perfecting my bad form. I found Nicole probably as you have – yelping “West Hollywood yoga”. And now here I am adding to the many wonderful reviews that led me to contact her.

During my sessions with Nicole, I have learned that yoga is more than just cycling through a series of poses. It’s truly a lifestyle, a mindset, a relationship between your mind and body, between yourself and the world around you. The sessions have taught me how important the right movement, alignment, form, and breathing are. Not only will this continue to improve my yoga practice and help me get the most out of every class and every pose from this day forward, it has in many ways changed my life. The breathing exercises have improved my endurance while running. The sessions on movement and alignment have improved my overall posture and balance. I am more mindful and appreciative of my body overall.

As for Nicole herself, she is simply an amazing person – warm, authentic, patient, supportive, and knowledgable. She has been able to assess my ability and tailor our sessions in a way that challenges me but still feels relaxed and fun. Now that my 5 intro sessions are complete, I am planning to sign up for another series of sessions.I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Nicole and Third Eye Yoga, and could not recommend it more highly.
Chau L.

An abundance of knowledge

For years I have been in search of a yoga instructor that gets me, a guide, a mentor, someone who takes the time to recognize my needs and desires. Nicole, did just that. Through private lessons I was able to delve deeper into my personal practice, by gaining discipline as well as the basic attention I was just not getting else where. She is extremely educated in her teachings and with every lesson she brings forth an abundance of knowledge, knowledge that is not attained from a book, but from experience. She practices with grace and form, and my experience was truly indescribable.

There are not enough words to describe the positive impact this experience has had to shape my life. For that, I thank her immensely.
Thank you for Being.
Sormeh F.

You need to come to Third Eye Yoga

When I found Third Eye Yoga, I was a little skeptical of private classes at such an affordable rate but I decided to give it a try anyhow. After my first lesson it became apparent that Nicole keeps classes affordable because she genuinely wants to share her knowledge and make it accessible to everyone.

Nicole is truly a master at her craft and you will not find anyone with her level of knowledge or skill anywhere else in the West Hollywood area. No matter what skill level you are at, Nicole will develop a curriculum that will have you hooked from day one. Let’s just say, I have extended my class packages two times already!

If you are a beginner who is hesitant to try a group class because you are intimidated – You need to come to Third Eye Yoga.

If you are experienced with yoga and are looking for a new way to expand your practice – You need to come to Third Eye Yoga.

If you are someone looking to expand your horizons both mentally and physically – You need to come to Third Eye Yoga.

I think I have made my point. Just give it a try and you too will be signing up for Yelp just to tell everyone how amazing this studio is.
Erin W.

Absolutely incredible!

Nicole’s Intro to Yoga classes were absolutely incredible! Nicole is a really warm and encouraging person and yoga instructor. The classes were a great introduction to not only the yoga poses, but all of the breathing, alignment, and mind-body elements that actually go into making a great yoga practice. These classes have helped me to change my lifestyle in so many beneficial ways–posture, alignment, breathing, control of stress and anxiety, etc. And this package is so reasonably priced, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a fuller understanding and better practice of yoga at home or in classes.
Ashley M.

She has been given a gift and you know she is sharing it with you

I sought yoga instruction at the advice of my physician who treats me for fibromyalgia. So I have taken group classes on and off over the years. But I never really invested. I found Nicole at Third Eye Yoga. I felt I needed one on one instruction for a number of reasons. Such as in groups typically I knew I was not performing the positions correctly. I am self-conscience. I am introverted in groups. And I would risk injury not to feel less than. My time with Nicole is a gift to myself. Not only does she know her main focus of yoga, but her spiritual approach really gives you an appreciation of self awareness.

You understand the significance of this art and can create your own way to better health. When she touches me to adjust a pose correctly I am not intimidated. To the contrary I feel a special energy exchange between us. It’s an amazing feeling. I once was very sick and possibly not going to make it through the night. I was in isolation and one nurse was willing to come in my room. She laid her hands on me and I felt that same exchange of energy from Nicole. I can not say enough about the spiritual experience with Nicole. She has been given a gift and you know she is sharing it with you. I feel like I am her only client each and every week. If you ever want to give yourself something special take her 5 week course and you too will understand what I say. She is a true healer. Love love love her!!!!!
Jeff W.

Tailors the experience to each student

Nicole has a really unique and valuable approach to yoga that most students stand to significantly benefit from. She explains the real principles behind posture, breath, alignment, and thinking. She also tailors the experience to each student. The practice room is comfortable and the setting relaxing. A gem in WeHo!
Jen H.

Extremely knowledgable and professional

My experience with Nicole at Third Eye Yoga has been instrumental in getting me through a personal crisis. I recently thanked my friends, family and YOGA for all of their support. I had no idea that when I signed up for the introduction classes that I would become so fond of the practice. I now have private sessions with Nicole three times a week.

She is extremely knowledgable and professional. She takes time to inquire how I am feeling both physically and emotionally in order to determine how to guide and teach me at each session. Nicole’s energy is positive and encouraging. She has a keen awareness of when to challenge me vs. when to focus me on relaxation and calming poses.

As a psychotherapist, I am a firm believer in the mind, body and spirit connection. I have recommended Nicole to both my clients as well as my friends.
Lori S.

I have learned so much

If I could give Nicole more stars I would. I have never done yoga and found Third Eye on yelp, I decided to give it a try. I have learned so much about my body and how to use proper mechanics. Nicole is very patient and an excellent instructor, I am looking forward to more yoga in the future. If you are looking as a beginner or for a good workout she is the person to call.
Joel M.

Comforting, assuring and encouraging

Thanks again for an amazing yoga practice this evening! I love how connected you are with the body and spirit in your teaching style. It’s comforting, assuring and encouraging, thank you.
Nakia Edmundson

Very comfortable and at ease

Nicole is an amazing teacher here! She is very knowledgeable with yoga and makes people feel very comfortable and at ease, no matter what level of experience they are at with Yoga. Highly recommend her as a teacher!”
Shayne S.

This studio is a hidden gem

Its entrance is hidden in the back of a lush courtyard with pond, and given its location in the center of WeHo it is like stepping through the looking glass. There is immediate peace, tranquility and a sense of wonder, even before entering the little studio. Yes, it is not a huge place packed with facilities, but that was not what I was looking for.

This darling little studio shines in its personal care, intimate design and talented instructors. I was there do do the ‘Technique of the dragons meditation’ on Thursday evening and although I have done several types of meditation, I was pleasantly surprised by the innovative technique that was being taught. It is simple yet profound and easy to use by myself. What I loved most is that it opened me up to my own ‘magic’. I will be coming back to this place.
Jeroen L.

Amazing, very patient & has helped me with modifying the poses that were hard for me.

I did Bikram Yoga for a little while in 2006 & it was fun, but I stopped & than at the beginning of this year I did a few hot yoga classes & most of the postures were very difficult for me to do. I found Nicole through Yelp & am so happy that I found her, she is amazing, very patient & has helped me with modifying the poses that were hard for me. I highly recommend that anyone that wants to learn yoga to contact Third Eye Yoga Studio & set up appointments with Nicole.
Lea K.

Knows everything about the human body, soul and yoga.

I was a beginner in Yoga and I was looking for a Yoga Studio on the internet. I found Third Eye Yoga and Nicole and I am so happy I found her. She is very very professional; she knows everything about the human body, soul and yoga. I took private lessons so I was able to learn every position, every breathtaking on the right way.

Since then I enjoy yoga every day! It became part of my life and I can say it has changed my life! I suggest Nicole and Third Eye Yoga to everyone who wants to learn yoga on a professional way.
Ingeborg C.

I highly recommend Third Eye Yoga

I highly recommend Third Eye Yoga with Nicole. I am a beginner and didn’t know how to do any poses. I appreciate her ability to not only give you the training to do the poses correctly but to also teach you breathing and how the body works. I look forward to starting my second group of sessions!
Emily H.

An incredible first impression of yoga

Nicole gave me an incredible first impression of yoga. The atmosphere was also incredible and I can’t wait to go back!
Sam D.

I was so moved and blown away..

I have never posted a review on YELP but I was so moved and blown away by Nicole, her teaching, her philosophy, her knowledge and her talent — that I decided to do so. I was traveling to LA on business last week and when I learned I would be there for 5 days – I decided to use the opportunity to jump start my year-old yoga practice. Like several other YELP reviewers, I too, got the 5 session intro package with Nicole and I am so very grateful that I did. I was huber-motivated to fit in every one of my five sessions (in five days) amidst a hectic work schedule because once I went to the first session with Nicole, I just didn’t want to miss any of my finite time with her. I achieved at least 3 poses that have alluded me over the past year and I learned so much about breathing, balance and inversions and the integrated effect of breathing on yoga and my overall health. Every session was not only a wonderful work out, but taught me so much. I just returned from a class at my home studio (in NYC) and I am thrilled to report that through Nicole’s guidance and what she taught me in 5 short days, I improved in so many aspects of my yoga practice. Nicole is a spirtually lovely person and a yoga wonder and I am only sad I could not convince Nicole to move her busy practice to NYC so I can learn with her always!!!
Fredda P.

Totally changed my life.

Nicole totally changed my life. I can’t praise her highly enough. She’s the epitome of down-to-earth, authentic, and present. She embodies the tenets of yoga that she imparts with positive enegy, kindness, compassion, and playfulness. In the magical environment of her studio/home. She’s the real deal. But shhhhh! If you shout it out from the rooftops, you won’t be able to benefit from the hidden gem that she is! (-:
Jen A.

Literally saved my body & mind.

I was in a car accident last year & almost died. On top of that I have had fibromyaglia since I was 17yrs old. I’ve been to many many yoga studios across Los Angeles, so when my friend suggested Nicole I was scared to try her but was willing to try anything for the pain. Not only was I wanting to stop the pain but have a spiritual experience. Nicole is all those qualities & more!! Her voice & knowledgeable words are calming and go straight to my muscles and brain. My back is feeling so much better. I’m building strength again & feeling more like a whole person. She has literally saved my body & mind.
Jill V.

Made complete sense.

I had been half-heartedly trying get into yoga for awhile but finally really motivated to do something about it. I did a google search for “”West Hollywood Yoga”” and there mixed in with the well known local studios was Third Eye Yoga. I clicked through and saw an offer for 5 private classes for $200. Wow! This looked like a great deal, almost too good to be true since other private yoga classes I looked into ranged from $75-$150 per hour.

I sent an email inquiring about their ad with a few questions. I received a prompt and friendly reply answering all of my questions with just the answers I wanted to hear. I immediately confirmed that I was interested and scheduled my first class for the following week. My first class with Nicole was amazing. She really broke down not just the how’s but also the why’s of yoga in a way that made complete sense and left me wanting to learn and do more. She personalizes and guides you through practice so effortlessly that you don’t even realize until the class is over that you just learned like 10 new things.

Third Eye was the perfect find for someone like me who was a little intimidated to go to the huge classes that seem to be the norm in the well known West Hollywood yoga studios. It has been 4 months since my first class with Nicole and just last week we had our 16th class together. I plan to continue practicing with her but she has also given me the confidence to go to any yoga studio in town and feel like I can keep up, and when I can’t keep up she has instilled in me the wisdom to know that it’s best not to try and keep up if it doesn’t feel right and to respect my own limits.

I feel so lucky to have found such a warm and giving person as Nicole to start yoga experience with. If you want to give yourself the best possible jump start to your new life with yoga you really should give Third Eye Yoga a try. You will not be sorry.
Scott R.

by far the best yoga experience I have had.

I’m so happy I found Nicole and Third Eye Yoga. This is by far the best yoga experience I have had. I have taken classes before, but never found a teacher who is so passionate and knowledgable coupled with an environment so peaceful and welcoming. I’m pretty new to yoga and wanted to make sure I had a good foundation. It’s amazing how just a tiny adjustment can make such a difference. Without Nicole’s guidance, I would have continued doing poses not realizing there was a better way. In addition to yoga, I have learned so much about stress management and nutrition. It’s been great to customize the session based on my needs.

I highly recommend Third Eye Yoga to anyone-beginner or advanced, who wants an excellent experience with an amazing teacher!
Suzanne C.

A ton of personal attention in every pose..

If you’re looking for a room of 40 gym bunnies sweating their way through a 105-degree class this is NOT the place for you. Classes are small, tiny even, usually maxing out at 5 people, so you get a ton of personal attention in every pose, and often special poses are incorporated into the practice to address the maladies of class regulars.

I’ve been practicing yoga in Los Angeles for over 10 years, and nothing beats my experience at this new little studio. The style is mostly the heart-centered Anusara practice (depending on the teacher), and the atmosphere is decidedly homey (and beautiful). The teachers are friendly and inventive. Encouraging, and playful. Wise and humble. Spiritual but not at all woo-woo. And the class size means you’re practically getting a private lesson every time. The stand-out instructor is Nicole Ulrick–I am utterly devoted and addicted to her classes. And every time I bring a friend to her class that friend ends up coming back for more.
Nina Weiner

More attention = better practice

So much of practicing yoga is the space, energy and vibe of the studio. Third Eye is a really beautiful space with knowledgeable, friendly teachers who are dedicated to their craft. Smaller class = more attention = better practice. the down-to-earth attitude of both the teachers and the staff is exactly what the west hollywood yoga community needs! Love it.
Lucy J.

Has opened up an entirely new world of Yoga for me

Private lessons with Nicole have opened up an entirely new world of Yoga for me, I leave each session feeling great and cannot wait to return the next week. My previous experience with yoga was in fairly large classes and I always left feeling frustrated because I knew I was not grasping proper alignment or breathing. I always wished I could have private yoga lessons and after some research online I found Nicole and I now enjoy the best yoga experience I have ever had! She is an amazing instructor – very intuitive, knowledgeable and positive. Thank you Nicole!
Lisa F.

Contagious. Highly recommended!

I am new to Yoga and just completed Nicole’s five session Intro to Yoga package. I found the sessions to be enjoyable and highly educational. Nicole is a warm and knowledgeable instructor; her enthusiasm for Yoga as a practical and accessible aspect of one’s life is contagious. Highly recommended!
Malik Sooch

A new lease on life

I’m  a 69 year old woman and since I’ve been going to third eye yoga(Nicole) I feel like I have a new lease on life, Its been great and the special attention I get has really helped..

Approachable & Fun

As a beginner student I was afraid to go to group yoga classes without a good understanding of fundamental principles and postures. Nicole mollified my fears and more importantly made yoga approachable, fun, and part of my every day routine — the way it is meant to be practiced.

Nicole has the patience, temperament, and knowledge students need to learn how to practice yoga with the correct physical form and mental energy. I recommend Nicole with five stars.
Soham P.

Hooked. A major shift in my daily yoga practice

I’ve taken yoga classes (mostly with pretty mediocre teachers) and used various DVD’s for several years now, but I’ve never had someone explain the postures and intent behind them.

In fact, I was hurting myself a lot because I wasn’t getting the adjustments I needed. So I signed up for the “Intro to Yoga” package with Nicole to see if I could get a better sense of the basics and also move on to some more advanced things. After the 5 classes were over, I signed on for three more additional courses because Nicole has been teaching me all the things I’ve been wanting to know about yoga. The first two classes were mostly information-based (meaning not much movement), and seemed sort of like a basic template; a lot of the information I already knew, but I can see how it would be helpful for people who are true beginners. But once she started teaching me the breathing and poses, I was hooked. I’m already doing things I didn’t think I could do, which was scary at first, but
Nicole really cares about making sure the movements are done in a safe way. She’s also been good at recognizing my individual needs and capabilities and modifying the movements for me. Since I started my sessions with her, there’s been a major shift in how I do my daily yoga practice, and also in how I just move and hold my body throughout the day. I’m really excited about continuing to work with Nicole, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn yoga not only as a way of improving physically but also as a way of improving your whole sense of well-being.
Bibi D.

The real principles of position, posture, alignment, breath, and the mental aspects as well.

Anyone who desires an authentic yoga practice MUST study with Nicole! Nicole grounds her teaching in the true fundamentals of yoga — this isn’t some flashy, trendy yoga class. Nicole shares the real principles of position, posture, alignment, breath, and the mental aspects as well. It’s a class for not just for physical balance, but mental balance as well. Since coming to Nicole, my physicality as a whole as been changed for the better; her principles of posture and alignment have made other physical activities much more impactful. When I attend a group yoga class now, I can adjust my practice to my own pace if the the teacher is not the most, shall we say, informed, about correct practice! Thanks Nicole! If you want to do something good for yourself, study with Nicole.
Rani Gill

Really inspiring and informative

I always felt like I was doing yoga incorrectly when I went to classes, even beginner’s classes. Nicole taught me how to utilize my body properly. I really feel like I can go into classes and feel safe about what I am doing, and not stress about if I am doing it wrong or not now. This experience was really inspiring and informative, and Nicole was also able to explain proper form from a physiological standpoint that I could really grasp. I highly recommend this if you really want to learn how to do yoga!
Ginger M.

You are able to help yourself to become a healthier person

I am so grateful that I found Nicole and Third Eye Yoga. Nicole’s individual instruction, and boundless amount of valuable information, are the key to her successful classes.

I have attended years of yoga classes in the past, and this is the first time that I have had an instructor who focuses on nutrition, stress relief and many other aspects of the yoga practice. Nicole wants to inform you so you are able to help yourself to become a healthier person. She is very passionate about her instruction, and you truly feel she cares about your success in reaching your goals in your Yoga practice.
M B.

Quite amazing

I took an Energy Alignment Workshop from Nicole last Saturday. Upon arriving to the Third Eye Yoga studio, I just loved the relaxing courtyard with a tranquil fountain and nice vibe. Inside, I loved the peaceful energy of Nicole’s yoga studio with yoga mats and colorful pillows everywhere. She has created a safe and soothing environment where you feel free to practice your yoga craft and reach inside your soul to heal. Nicole showed us photos and videos to demonstrate how energy is everywhere and how it can move and change. She talked about String Theory which said to me that she is very evolved in her research and in her teachings. Kataka and Nicole explained about the chakras and we did some deep breathing exercises, some yoga stretches, a bit of chanting and then Kataka blasted us with a Didgeridoo as we lie on the floor in a relaxed state. It was quite amazing. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed and yes, I did indeed feel ‘balanced’. I would recommend Nicole or Kataka for Yoga or Reiki practice and instruction. They are very enlightened souls and I am happy to have taken their Energy Alignment Workshop. Thank you ladies! :)
Kelly K. matter what level

Nicole is an amazing teacher! She is very knowledgeable with yoga & makes people feel very comfortable & at ease, no matter what level of experience. I highly recommend her as a teacher!
K. G.

I feel empowered and inspired at the same time

As a middle aged mom of two boys, I took Nicole’s yoga class with the intent of just unwinding. Little did I know that I would feel empowered and inspired at the same time. Nicole has helped me tap into my core strength and push beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone. I never envisioned myself doing a head stand in the middle of a room especially at my age; however, after a few weeks with Nicole, I gradually gathered enough strength and confidence to stand on my head with no support. This experience has spilled over into my daily life giving me the incentive to strive for more. For me, each class with Nicole is an ongoing learning experience and brings me a step closer to strengthening my foundation in my practice of yoga and in my life.

This little studio has it all

It’s amazing when you come across a studio that has great instruction, real care for the students, friendly vibe… and wonderful yoga! This little studio has it all and I highly recommend it. Go… you won’t be sorry!!!

It’s a 10 plus

Homey, stunning and serene neighborhood studio. I have been to many studios in LA and this one surpasses any typical yoga class setting. Incredible teachers, personal attention and a warm, blissful atmosphere. You really feel a sense of community, relaxation and a good workout after a long day. It’s the kind of studio you want to go to regularly because you just feel great when you walk out the door! It’s a 10 plus and that is hard to come by in this town.
Sarah Nehamen

Lots of attention

I love this little gem of a yoga studio. Classes are small so there’s lots of attention for each student. Atmosphere is lovely and people are very nice.
Emily Burton

I can’t say enough good things about it

I’ve been practicing at Third Eye for a couple months now and I can’t say enough good things about it. It is like practicing among friends in a peaceful, no pressure (does not mean no challenge!) environment. This is NOTHING like going to a large studio! It’s the style of yoga one dreams of. Going straight to the source, practicing in a studio run by the teachers evokes a grassroots feeling that seems to adhere to the ideals associated with a yogic practice. I’ve taken classes with Emily, Anna, and Nicole and their styles all vary, but their skills, attention to detail and love for the practice are all top-notch
Julie Hassett

Truly a gem of an intimate space

I have had the pleasure of teaching several different Thai Yoga Massage workshops at Third Eye Yoga Studio. The participants and I really enjoyed the historic architecture of the building, the ambience created by the classic courtyard with its fountain, and the beautiful hardwood floors of the studio. We found it to be a wonderful experience and Nicole’s friendly and efficient hosting made it very welcoming. Truly a gem of an intimate space in the heart of West Hollywood, with the magnificent flair of Old Hollywood still very much there.
Deon de Wet

I’ve become a big fan of Third Eye Yoga

Having the opportunity to develop my practice in a one on one situation has enabled me to gather confidence and skills. Nicole is very encouraging and offers great instruction.
Edward C.

This is an amazing space

This is an amazing space where the teacher really focuses and helps you grow.

I have brought several friends here and every single one say they loved it and have been coming back.

The flows are unique yet not too strange to break your movement and really challenge you to strengthen some of those less comfortable zones (such as my lovely balance!!)

Must Try for anyone that is more about growing in their practice than checking out the rest of the ocean of people in otherwise typical crowded spaces.
Marla S.

By far is one of my favorite yoga studios

This by far is one of my favorite yoga studios in Los Angeles. No matter what your level, from beginning to advanced, the instructors teach in such a way that each class feels almost like you are receiving a semi-private session. I also like the focus on alignment while emphasizing strength and flexibility. The classes draw on the best of the best from many yoga styles, which is something I appreciate a great deal and the studio itself is a real gem.
Leah T.

Both pushed me and put me at ease, which I found to be a perfect balance

Taking the leap into yoga for the first time can be a bit overwhelming (who wants to walk into a class where you feel like you are the only one who doesn’t know what you’re doing).

A couple of months (1 class a wee) with Nicole changed all that for me. Nicole is a patient and passionate soul who has given me the tools and knowledge to feel comfortable in any level 1 class. During my private sessions, Nicole both pushed me and put me at ease, which I found to be a perfect balance. I look forward to coming back for tune-up’s as my yoga practice evolves.
Leslie K.

Keeps me calmer and more focused

I’m so grateful to have found Nicole. She’s a great teacher and has really helped me. I can tell I’m getting better, but more importantly doing yoga with Nicole has helped keep me calmer and more focused. She’s the best – I recommend her to everyone!
Henry J.

Goes through the most important parts of yoga..breathing, alignment etc not just the basic yoga poses

All I can say is Nicole is the best! As an older first time yoga student she made me feel comfortable and confident! I was visiting LA for a month and I read about her beginner yoga package on the internet and decided to finally take the plunge. I have been putting off going to yoga classes for years just feeling too intimidated. Nicole goes through the most important parts of yoga …..breathing, alignment etc not just the basic yoga poses. I now feel confident enough to attend yoga classes on my own!
Thanks Nicole and I will definitely be back with her on my next visit to LA!
David P.

I came away energized, balanced, and empowered

I went to Third Eye Yoga to re-educate and re-ground myself in the basic tenets of yoga, and I came away energized, balanced, and empowered. What I found in Nicole was a supportive, deeply informed teacher. She was patient and attentive to all my questions, no matter how small. She has so much information to share and help you put into practice.

So often instructors get you moving without taking a moment to clarify a concept, or a move, or a reason as to why the movement unfolds in the way it does. Nicole really took the time to delve into yoga’s dimensions of the spiritual, physical and emotional. I’m grateful to her and for taking the time to help students really grasp the “why,” the “how,” and the rhythm of their own practice. In this busy life, it’s so important to still find the moments that can enrich us in many ways and take the time needed to learn a concept well – Third Eye helps those lessons land. Thanks, Nicole!!
Nique M.

Extremely versed in yoga, attentive, and has a warm personality

I’d only done yoga like 4 times in 39 years and wanted to start doing it regularly but needed one-on-one attention before I went to a group class and did everything wrong. So I found ‘Third Eye Yoga”. I bought 5 private sessions with Nicole and it was well worth the money, which was a great price actually…less than I thought private lessons in L.A. would cost. She is extremely versed in yoga, attentive, and has a warm personality to go along with it. She not only taught me yoga poses, but why we do it, why it’s necessary to breath correctly, the importance of balance, and general ways to look at life in general. Third Eye Rocks! Thanks. Now I lead with my heart. :)
Scottie R.

Nicole’s methodical approach to teaching YOGA has been invaluable

After the 5 initial classes with Nicole I can honestly confirm every 5 star review on this page! Nicole’s methodical approach to teaching YOGA has been invaluable to us.

We originally looked at YOGA as an excellent core strength training routine (and it certainly does wonders for that) but what we have discovered with Nicole’s help is that YOGA brings tremendous value in our day to day lives. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Nicole and to improve ourselves through YOGA.
Vitaliy M.

Gave me the confidence to forge ahead

Nicole is a top-rate teacher. I decided to give yoga a try but was too intimidated to attend a class. I spent 5 sessions working with her, one on one, learning the basics. I am not a natural but she gave me the confidence to forge ahead. She is kind, encouraging and explains both the theory and practice in a way anyone can understand. I give her top marks.
Joyce B.

Consistently eye-opening and refreshing

Signing up for the Intro to Yoga package at Third Eye has been one of the best things that I’ve done for myself recently – my sessions have been consistently eye-opening and refreshing, and I credit this largely to Nicole’s attentive and interactive teaching style. As a beginner to yoga, I’ve benefitted from the balance Nicole has struck between teaching yoga poses and explaining their underlying significance – I have come out of each class feeling inspired to incorporate yoga as a lifestyle rather than just an exercise routine.

Additionally, the studio space is lovely, and parking is never a problem, which is rare in this neighborhood. On the whole a wonderful experience – can’t recommend it enough!
Maya M.

Has taught me SO much about yoga

Im so pleased with my intro to yoga sessions with Nicole! I was happy to find that she offered this one on one beginner course since I had never done yoga & was very nervous to start. She instantly made me feel comfortable & has taught me SO much about yoga as a lifestyle. Not a day goes by that I don’t recall her healthy directions to improve mind & body as a balanced unit. Her motivation, knowledge & positive attitude is instantly catching. I leave each class thoughtful, inspired & looking forward to the next. Kind thanks Nicole….
Steph P.

Her passion and knowledge of yoga is infectious and I look forward to every class.

I cannot speak highly enough of Nicole! I have tried yoga a few times in the past, but it never really clicked for me. This all changed after my first session with Nicole, she is a wonderful instructor; her passion and knowledge of yoga is infectious and I look forward to every class. Highly recommended!
Philippa H.

I have learned so much!

I highly recommend Third Eye Yoga. I’m a beginner to yoga and just recently completed my first five sessions with Nicole. I have learned so much! Nicole is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. She is a great teacher. In addition to learning yoga poses correctly, you learn the importance of how everything relates and is connected. Her first five sessions focus on breathing, posture, alignment, balance and more. I’ve already signed up for another five sessions to continue my now yoga way of life. :-) Thank you Nicole!
Amy H.


I had just moved to LA and was looking for a new yoga experience. My previous experience with yoga had been crowded classes and little personal attention. Im so glad that I went to see Nicole. She is brilliant and has a great understanding of anatomy and the mind body connection. I love her one on one sessions. This is the first time I have ever practiced yoga where it carried over into real life. I am focusing on my breathing, stress, and alignment and overall health daily.
Amy Z.

She took the time to .. teach me how to modify poses for myself

I’ve literally never done yoga in my life and hardly knew anything about it other than the fact that people said they loved it. I found Nicole through Yelp and am glad I did. Her private lessons really taught me the dos and donts of yoga. I have a lot of issues including bad knees, bulging discs in my neck, an achey shoulder, etc. and I wanted to make sure I learned how to properly do poses without hurting myself. She took the time to focus on my problems and teach me how to modify poses for myself. The studio is in a great location with tons of street parking, so that’s a plus! I now feel ready to continue with my yoga anywhere I go!
Jackie P.

Well worth it

Nicole is an AMAZING teacher and I highly recommend taking part in her intro to yoga course – even as someone who has done quite a lot of yoga over the years, this was well worth it. I didn’t realize how much I was doing wrong! She has a unique approach to teaching and explains in detail how closely correlated yoga is to our day to day life which makes it so much more relevant than what I ever thought. She also runs through the imperative importance of breath, alignment and posture within each pose which is usually missed or quickly skipped over in larger group classes. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of Nicole’s private classes and recommend her whole heartedly with 5 stars.
Katie S.

Third Eye Yoga was the best way to begin!

I am a beginner with yoga…it’s the one thing in life I knew would be good for me, but I was class-averse. Meeting Nicole and Third Eye Yoga was the best way to begin! She is an EXCELLENT yoga teacher who has set me on the right path towards getting the most out of my yoga practice.

It’s essential to do things the right way, and Nicole definitely teaches yoga the right way! I would recommend Third Eye Yoga to ANYONE. Don’t hesitate, contact them. You’ll be grateful you did.
Mark Aka Socks

Patient and so helpful

I am a beginning yoga student wanting to learn how to flex and strengthen my body through yoga. I chose to work with Nicole after calling a few studios to learn more about their practice.

Nicole was a patient instructor and so helpful in communicating proper breathing, correct positioning and a reason behind each movement. I now have and understanding which I can take to any class and a foundation I can practice in my home. I am grateful for her patience and skill and will return to her studio in time for a ‘tune-up’ as I progress.
Lynda C.

Tailored to what I wanted to do

This is a great deal! Really beginner friendly and tailored to what I wanted to do. Nicole was helpful and continued to follow up even after classes ended. The classes were in a peaceful environment and were well paced. I felt prepared to join a larger class after going through this. Highly recommend.
Alex G.

So much gratitude!

So much gratitude! When I practice, on your mat (thx!), I feel your voice, guiding, encouraging, reminding, praising… n a m a s t e
Jennifer Anin..