Good Health Put Simply

Most of life is really much simpler than modern medicine and science would like to have you believe. You can have a tremendous impact on how your genes express themselves, simply by providing your cells the right environments.

All you need is a basic understanding of how your body works and a simple philosophical roadmap you can use to find answers to just about any questions of health and fitness – whether it involves personal choices or lifestyle adjustments or whether medical intervention might be appropriate. With this simple strategy, you will forever be able to examine or evaluate any food choice, any form of exercise or any other behavior in the context of how it impacts your genes! Even if you decide to opt for a “bad choice”, at least you’ll know why it’s bad…

ThirdEye Yoga can help you establish the perfect way to jump start a smart, simple and realistic start to a healthy lifestyle. ‘Good Health Put Simply’ is a series of personalized sessions that cover the essentials of good health in a simple straightforward manner so you can put an effective plan to practice. This program covers straightforward, practical information about an overall understanding of the first steps and fundamental building blocks in your pursuit of better health. We will help you clarify any confusion and information overload about common questions and roadblocks. We encourage questions, provide resources, ongoing offer guidance. Contact us to learn more about this exclusive and very limited program.