Personally Customized Private Yoga programs for YOU
For beginners and experienced practitioners and all walks of life regardless of your age, agenda or experience
The willingness to commit to a better lifestyle

$140 per single session
$600 for 5 session package

It’s not just stretching and strengthening,
its about reshaping your life!

Don’t wait for pain or injury to be your wake-up call. Protect and prepare your body now

Thirdeye yoga is available 7 days a week for convenient scheduling. If you are located in Park Slope, sessions in your own home are available at no additional cost! Contact us to book your session now.

Park Slope   718.865.8568  |  917.825.8108

ThirdEye offers cohesive one-on-one sessions for fitness, maintenance or therapeutic curriculums integrating: strengthening, flexibility, balance, endurance and stamina, range of motion, stress management, mindfulness & attitude, mental and creative focus, nutritional guidance and lifestyle recommendations.

We design each program based on your goals, genetics, priorities, health and fitness condition in order to develop the optimal yoga practice specifically for each person.

Our approach is built upon one or a combination of these general directions:

  • maintaining a healthy mixture of strengthening and flexibility through intelligent sequencing that reviews fundamental postures and explores new creative movement
  • incorporating essential nutritional guidelines for full body fitness, health and wellness both inside and out
  • invigorating movement & dynamic poses to condition the body towards core awareness, increase stamina and endurance
  • specific focus on requested postures to break through and transcend beyond assumed limitations
  • calming restorative sessions to de-stress and soothe the nervous system
  • self improvement skills that broaden the understanding and application of yoga towards a healthy and positive lifestyle by including awareness of attitude, spirituality, emotional well-being and cognitive focus

How do we define and discover the ‘perfect practice’ for each person?
Through a continuous process of communication and exploration, we help to develop a practice that resonates with you on all levels and can be redefined each time you’re on the mat. With regular practice of proper alignment and body awareness, effective movement becomes more fluent, natural and effortless. We introduce you to yoga as a lifestyle, not just a form of exercise.

Created By ~
ThirdEye Yoga
Real Body Awareness and Mindful Movement at Realistic Rates

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