Fix Your Form & Move With Ease!
3 private sessions, $360 investment

regardless of age, experience or health conditions.

The willingness to commit to a better lifestyle

Fix Your Form & Move With Ease!

Are you sitting hunched over?

Walking crooked?

Standing slouched?

Has your movement become small and overly cautious?

Not sure what alignment really means or why it matters?

Did you know that simple adjustments in your alignment can have dramatic results like releasing neck tension, clearing back aches or reducing knee pain? Or that easy refinements in your physical form can increase energy, shut down stress or eliminate fatigue?

If you’ve been struggling with annoying aches and pains, nagging stress or tension in your tissues, this experience could change your life.. This important program guides you through the essentials of how to reset your alignment, reshape your body and redefine movement with a sense of freedom.

We will cover:

  • A simple and easy breakdown of alignment and pain-free posture in order to self-correct and retrain your body how to move safely
  • Muscular and joint balance in order to recruit the right parts and release the wrong parts from being overburdened and establish equilibrium in your body
  • Gentle strengthening exercises and targeted movements that give you support and stability from the inside out
  • Relaxing stretching techniques to release tension and tightness and improve range of motion
  • Simple and smart sequences you can do at your own pace and comfort level, with your daily routine, at work or on the go
  • Safe methods for all ages and lifestyles as well as for injury rehabilitation

Our programs are built upon anatomy, physiology and movement science to help you realize that our biology doesn’t limit us but rather encourages us to become more than we know.

This program is packed with valuable information so reserve your space now, show up on time and be ready to learn a ton that will not only to improve your posture, but will completely change your movement across the board.

3 private sessions, $360 investment

Created By ThirdEye Yoga ~
Real Body Awareness and Mindful Movement at Realistic Rates