We Believe

ThirdEye Yoga Believes

That EACH PERSON is unique and deserves full attention. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for everyone. Our personalized programs are designed for a case-by-case approach with individuals ranging from 20-80 yrs in age, athletes to injured, fitness to therapeutic.

We are NOT interested in large crowded classes where each person often gets neglected. EVERYONE COUNTS .. no one is ruled out regardless of age, experience, goals, lifestyle.

ThirdEye Yoga is about a physical & mental LIFESTYLE, not a complicated shape or a stressful workout. Our programs make you aware of everything inside, outside & all around you.We make the work worth it, and if you commit to it, yoga will change your life.

You Get

The correct information about how to improve strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, balance, range of motion & focus.
Personal attention & a killer support system.
A knowledge base of how YOUR body works.
A customized curriculum ranging from dynamic poses to gentle constructive therapeutic movement.
The most for your money. We offer discounted & realistic rates because we know how invaluable yoga is for optimal health & fitness.
A tool kit for you to work with your body, instead of against it. This is not rocket science.. it’s common sense body maintenance.
RESULTS .. If you’re in it for the long haul.

The Point

To always feel able, prepared, energetic, alert, ready.
To heal and avoid injuries.
To bring the body back to life.
To learn how YOUR body works and what it needs.
To not be distracted by physical limitations or discomfort.
To improve your quality of life.
To thrive instead of simply survive.
To be proactive. DON’T WAIT for injury to be your wake-up call. Prepare and protect your body now.

Your Agenda

A deeper understanding of the postures?
From handstand to savasana, we break it down to the core building blocks that lay the groundwork for all of the yoga postures.
To feel right in your body?
When was the last time you truly felt right in your body and comfortable in your skin? It can be the norm rather than the exception. We guide you through an in-depth understanding of form, function and performance.
To learn how to translate breath in to power?
More than muscle, breath elevates physical and mental performance and condition and we have the facts to prove it!
To erase stress from your daily lifestyle?
For some of us, truly relaxing is even harder than the most challenging yoga postures. Learn why it matters and how to make it happen.


To show up and
be fully present.
A commitment to
a better lifestyle.
The awareness that
it matters.
The decision that
you want it.

Take Action

We believe it should be a required prerequisite to learn these essential building blocks before starting classes.

DON’T WAIT for injury to be your wake-up call. Be proactive.. prepare and protect your body now.

Connect with us and GET STARTED. We have over 80 FIVE STAR YELP REVIEWS for a reason.

It’s not just stretching or strengthening, its about reshaping your life!