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Yoga for real body awareness and mindful movement at realistic rates. Check out the latest NEWS about our SPECIALS & EVENTS!
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Thirdeye is influenced by Alignment, Vinyasa flow and Reiki Energy Enhancement. We offer yoga sessions for fitness, therapy and health that offer real body awareness and mindful movement. We cater to privates and semi-privates and offer the support, guidance and environment that every student deserves.
We develop the optimal yoga practice personally customized for each person. Our programs guide you to cultivate an awareness of the essential techniques and tools for smart movement, and to understand the mechanics and essence of somatics that are essential to everyday life. We encourage questions, provide demos and offer attentive adjustments. Thirdeye offers practical and realistic rates because we know how invaluable yoga is for optimal health and fitness.
    ThirdEye offers cohesive programs integrating:
  • strengthening
  • flexibility
  • balance & coordination
  • range of motion
  • mindfulness & attitude
  • mental and creative focus
  • nutritional guidance
  • lifestyle recommendations

It's not just stretching and strengthening, its about reshaping your life! read more »
Thirdeye offers sessions at the client's residential or business location in order to provide the convenience and comfort of practicing in your own space. Please connect with us to select a location and time that works with your schedule.
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