A holistic treatment for the mind and body


  • 4 private in-person growth sessions.
  • 4 phone or online accountability sessions.
  • A no-nonsense approach, sincere support, and a mission to lock down permanent change.
“Literally saved my body & mind”

Investment: $650

regardless of age, experience or health conditions.

The willingness to commit to a better lifestyle

Yoga for Anxiety Relief

If you’ve been suffering from anxiety, this could change your life! Anxiety happens in many forms and often goes unrecognized until it escalates and wreaks havoc on your health and overall life. Busy schedules, financial strain, family pressures, looming deadlines, mental exhaustion, constant worry, weight gain and physical fatigue are all common scenarios that can trigger anxiety which often leaks in to other areas of your life and can even show up as a kind of paralysis leaving you feeling stuck… or worse, is taken out on the people you love the most.

This program is an essential step in guiding you to harness the impact of anxiety and ways to avoid the toll it can take when left out-of-control. During this 10 session program, you will be guided through a breakdown of what anxiety is and it’s impact on your health, how to recognize the signals and evidence-based solutions so that you can finally loosen anxiety’s grip–one manageable step at a time and bring panic attacks, adrenal fatigue and endless worry to a screeching halt.

“Taught me SO much”

Highlights and focal points:

  • Erase anxious thoughts and compose a calm mindset
  • Reverse adrenal fatigue into a balanced homeostasis body
  • Quick and simple methods to control panic attacks
  • Instant relief from stress and overwhelm with natural methods
  • Deeper sleep and relaxation techniques
  • Smart and safe sequences you can do at your own pace and comfort level, with your daily routine, at work or on the go
“A True Healer”

What you get:

  • 4 in-person growth sessions to design an ongoing personalized plan so that you can navigate the road to recovery, build a better relationship with yourself, break bad habits and enjoy life. This will include: hands-on exercises, simple techniques, clear demonstrations, actionable tools, rich resources, convincing evidence and inspirational examples .. all summarized in a takeaway homework plan. These sessions are scheduled weekly based on your convenience.
  • 4 phone or online accountability sessions to check in on your progress, discuss your observations, review important details and revisit any homework exercises. These sessions are scheduled weekly as a follow-up in between each in-person ‘growth’ session.
  • A no-nonsense approach, sincere passion behind every single part, an all-out support system and a mission to lock down permanent change and real results.
“A gift for translating scientific details into laymen’s terms”

Our programs are built upon anatomy, physiology and movement science to help you realize that our biology doesn’t limit us but rather encourages us to become more than we know.

Investment: $650

Created By ThirdEye Yoga
The human body is meant to do amazing things. Thirdeye is on a mission to show you how to master your own.