Raise the bar

Calling on people who are ready
to access deeper dimensions

4 private sessions, $450 investment

regardless of age, experience or health conditions.

The willingness to commit to a better lifestyle

Strong Flow and Detox

Fire Up Your Flow & Invigorate Yourself! This advanced level program implements dynamic poses & invigorating movement that moves beyond one’s comfort zone to break through fear, doubt and assumed limitations. Strengthening effectively means using your natural body weight as the ultimate tool proportionate to your optimal outcome. This experience not only accelerates your physical condition but also develops piercing mental focus. This intensive curriculum is designed to: detox, cleanse, empower, strengthen, build stamina, increase endurance and ramp up resilience. Remember, ‘improvement’ means pushing beyond your familiar space and current capacity, so be ready to challenge yourself to the next level.

    • We target key essentials to upgrade your performance, including:
  • strengthening – Necessary for posture, physical and mental performance, structural stability and bone density.
  • Stamina and endurance – Essential for performance improvement in fitness, athletic or maintenance applications.
  • Flexibility and mobility – Important in preventing injury and promoting healthy joints and body tissue.
  • Balance – Crucial for coordination and proprioception by working with both hemispheres of the brain to establish a mind-body connection.
  • Range of motion – Vital for body movement to become optimally fluent, natural and effortless.
  • Detox and cleansing – Release toxins and flush the internal organs with freshly oxygenated blood which restores full energy flow, stimulates circulation and cleanses your body from the inside out.
Ignite the fire, transform your health, and sweat out the toxic overload!

Created By ThirdEye Yoga
The human body is meant to do amazing things. Thirdeye is on a mission to show you how to master your own.