Nicole Ulrick

“Be Who You Are And Say What You Feel Because Those Who Matter Don’t Mind and Those Who Mind Don’t Matter” ~ Dr. Suess

You have to decide that you want it. You can’t wish or hope your way to reach your goals; you actually have to do the work.

It doesn’t have to take up your whole life, but you need to commit. Train your yourself to think of it not as optional, but as necessary. As a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach, entrepreneur and influencer, Nicole challenges you to think of yoga differently. “It starts with being conscious in all aspects of your life, fully embodying who you are and taking charge of your life.”

From movement to manifestation, yoga offers a wholehearted awakening to life’s potential. More than 15 years later Nicole is still amazed by yoga’s magic & inspiration.

Her practice has taken several twists & turns from its origins in Spain to the US east & west coasts where she has crossed paths with many gifted teachers including Rusty Wells, John Friend, Tara Judelle, Janet Stone, David Vendetti, Noah Maze, Shiva Rae, Desiree Rumbaugh, functional anatomy experts Ellen Heed and Michael Watson.

Nicole is the founder of ThirdEye Yoga, Overflow Yoga and Her training includes Anusara Teacher Training, Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training, Reiki Master Certification, Thai Bodywork Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) and an ongoing svadhyaya practice.

The mantra of her teachings is to support and encourage people to embrace their unique nature both in body and in life path.

“I want to encourage people to discover themselves. More than inform, instruct or inspire, I want to see this experience put into action as a non-negotiable part of your lifestyle .. that to me is success. Perhaps at first its a new physical sensation, like a muscle getting stronger or improved range of motion.. but eventually its about discovering a much deeper dimension, like the innate ability to thrive instead of just survive .. and the awareness of how our biology doesn’t limit us but rather encourages us to become more than we know.”

It is through yoga that we can connect with a harmonious expression of stability and flexibility, freedom and form, alignment and art.

Infusing a blend of aligment, vinyasa flow and pranayama, Nicole combines dynamic poses and practical approaches designed to offer the challenge of moving in to uncharted territory with humor, heart and a healing touch.

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