Give your body the ammunition it needs to heal
4 private sessions, $520 investment

OPEN TO EVERYONE regardless of age, experience or health conditions. Requirements: The willingness to commit to a better lifestyle

Yoga for Cancer Support

A complete lifestyle reboot that addresses the unique physical and emotional needs when dealing with cancer & treatment. This program applies yoga as an evidenced-based tool to manage your relationship with cancer, aid in recovery and reduce risk of recurrence. The curriculum includes exercises, breath work, meditation, mindset, nutrition, scienced-backed resources and an all-out support system that are proven methods towards a better way to live.

More than ever, we need to take radical action to preserve our health. Having lost my mom to cancer as well as numerous clients and friends dealing with this condition, this is an urgent wake-up call for people to get support, knowledge and guidance to understand various ways they can help themselves to feel whole again.

This program for anyone who is or was dealing with cancer or who wants to be proactive and take preventative steps now.


  • Movement sequences tailored to boost immunity, detox the body, build bone density and manage side effects
  • Breath work that calms the body, resets the nervous system, reduces pain and counteracts stress
  • Meditation to unwind the mind, flush out fear and find some inner peace
  • Attitude exercises to move past worry and negative thinking, and to cultivate a positive mindset with a sense of well-being
  • An overdose of nutritional resources, which can be more medicinal than common treatments
  • Energy work to enhance emotional readiness, resolve inner conflicts and break away from unhealthy habits
  • Community outlets to expand your support system
  • Lifestyle improvements that have a direct relationship with our biology right down to brain and body function
  • Empowering facts and research that reveal the body’s natural capacity to heal itself and inspire you to take an active roll in your SELF and your HEALTH

Yoga on the go – a practical package for you to take yoga with you NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE.

Your head and your heart must be fully invested in order to get results. This program should not be interpreted as official medical advice, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure your condition, or to be a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional

ThirdEye Yoga is dedicated to DAILY research in the arenas of physical and mental health, anatomy, movement, fitness, nutrition, the latest news and useful tools. We believe that as part of our passion for our work, it is our responsibility to stay educated and informed in order to offer our clients the best quality and support available. Transcend beyond assumed limitations, shift your outlook and inhabit your body!

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