A thorough breakdown of food for simple, healthy nutritional living.

THIS IS NOT A DIET. This is a knowledge base that will completely change your outlook on food.

4 private sessions, $430 investment

regardless of age, experience or health conditions.

The willingness to commit to a better lifestyle

Nutritional Crash Course

FACT: You are what you eat .. there is no deviation from this. The food that you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. This powerful tool is a result of extensive research, proven statistics, case studies and common sense all in a consolidated system of vital building blocks that will introduce you to the essentials of healthy nutritional awareness for grocery shopping, cooking, eating out, or diet planning.

** Because nutrition makes up over 80% of our body composition it is our internal landscape that cultivates our outer glow ** Our food choices are paramount to living a life full of vitality and energy. The ThirdEye Yoga Nutritional Crash Course is personalized for each client and is presented in 10 phases that gives you a clear understanding of:

general nutrition guidelines
leafy greens
pH balance
GI and GL indexes
BMR and body fat percentage
social eating

We assess where you’re coming from, where you’re going and what you’re working with to get you started on the right track towards an optimal nutrition plan. You will come out on the other side with a complete knowledge-base and nutritional map which will enable you to navigate through food and meal choices with a healthy and holistic approach.


    • weight (if that’s your goal and done in the right way)
    • fatigue
    • lethargy
    • brain fog
    • poor performance and function
    • joint stiffness
    • excuses
    • body inflammation
    • the shackles of ‘conventional wisdom’ and dogma duties
    • unhealthy eating habits
    • toxins
    • high insulin and blood-sugar levels
    • roadblocks like information overload and decision paralysis
    • insecurity and self-doubt

.. as you can see, there’s not much to lose!


    • a profound knowledge base of all things food
    • improved body performance including: energy, focus, attention, drive, resilience, creative focus, mental attitude
    • boosted internal functions including: digestion, elimination, brain activity..
    • confidence and motivation
    • immune system stimulization
    • appreciation for healthy food
    • freedom from ‘conventional wisdom’ and dogma
    • incentive to make better choices
    • cartilage and joint health
    • ability to HEAL your body, inside and out
    • quality sleep, rest and recovery
    • momentum towards a positive lifestyle
    • tools to work with your body instead of against it
    • internal balance and homeostasis
    • a healthy complexion and overall glow
    • a platform for mindfulness, embodiment & self awareness
    • a new outlook on body image that starts with inner health
    • a life-long, satisfying, sustainable and healthy nutritional approach


The point is this: we don’t believe in keeping you on a short leash and because food is everywhere it should be an enjoyable part of living. We want you to feel FREE in how to cook, purchase, select, order and experience food in a way that is healthy, smart and delicious, no matter what the circumstances are.

Beyond the fact that you will learn about all the moving parts of nutrition is that you will have expanded your awareness in such a profound way that the empowerment you will gain will serve as a WAKE-UP CALL towards an overall proactive perspective in your life choices to TAKE ACTION over COMPLACENCY. oh yes. bring it on!

ThirdEye Yoga is dedicated to DAILY research in the arenas of physical and mental health, anatomy, movement, fitness, nutrition, the latest news and useful tools. We believe that as part of our passion for our work, it is our responsibility to stay educated and informed in order to offer our clients the best quality and support available.

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