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Meet The Owner

“You have to decide that you want it. You can’t wish or hope your way to reach your goals; you actually have to do the work.”

It doesn’t have to take up your whole life, but you need to commit. Train your yourself to think of it not as optional, but as necessary. Practicing yoga starts with being conscious in all aspects of your life, fully embodying who you are and taking charge of your life.

From movement to manifestation, yoga offers a wholehearted awakening to life’s potential. More than 15 years later Nicole is still amazed by yoga’s magic & inspiration.more →

Nutritional Crash Course

FACT: You are what you eat .. there is no deviation from this. The food that you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. The ThirdEye Nutritional Crash Course gives you a clear understanding of the vital building blocks and essential components of healthy nutritional awareness for grocery shopping, cooking, eating out, or diet planning. This is a knowledge base that will completely change your outlook on food. The takeaway will be a nutritional map that will enable you to navigate through food and meal choices with a healthy, enjoyable and holistic approach. more »