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We encourage you to expand your physical horizon and discover that movement is not exclusive to the exercise box.

  • Shut down stress from your daily lifestyle once and for all. For some of us, truly relaxing is even harder than the most challenging yoga postures. Learn why it matters and how to make it happen.
  • Deepen your understanding of alignment. From handstand to savasana, from sitting to standing, we break it down to the core building blocks that lay the groundwork for all body movement.
  • Learn how to translate breath in to power. More than muscle, breath elevates physical and mental performance and condition and we have the facts to prove it!

Stress and the City

If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain or stress, this program could change your life. We typically dismiss exhaustion, stress or discomfort in order to simply keep up, until it manifest as auto-immune issues or other chronic ailments. What goes up must come down, and you will crash if you don’t take control of this vicious mind-body cycle. Feeling good in your body and enjoying life are possible with a few changes and a killer support system. Sign up now and give your body the ammunition it needs to heal.

Yoga for Anxiety Relief

If you’ve been suffering from anxiety, this could change your life! Anxiety happens in many forms and often goes unrecognized until it escalates and wreaks havoc on your health, or worse, is taken out on the people you love the most. This program is an essential step in guiding you to harness the impact of anxiety and ways to avoid the toll it can take when left out-of-control. During this 10 session program, you will be guided through evidence-based solutions so that you can finally loosen anxiety’s grip–one manageable step at a time and bring panic attacks, adrenal fatigue and endless worry to a screeching halt.

Get your BACK on track

This important program guides you through the essentials of how to protect, strengthen and stretch your back and ways to avoid common issues that can provoke pain. We will cover a simple and easy breakdown of alignment, pain-free posture, muscular and joint balance, gentle strengthening exercises, relaxing stretching techniques, safe and smart sequences you can do at your own pace and comfort level with your daily routine, at work or on the go. learn more »

Well worth it

Even as someone who has done quite a lot of yoga over the years, this was well worth it. I didn’t realize how much I was doing wrong! – Katie S.


..and a great understanding of anatomy and mind body connection. This is the first time I’ve ever practiced yoga where it carried over into real life. – Amy Z.