A Breakdown of Yoga’s most important sequence
Saturday June 24
10:30 – 12:00 p.m.
$29 investment

(FREE for students enrolled in a ThirdEye Yoga program)

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For beginners and experienced practitioners and all walks of life regardless of your age, agenda or experience

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Finally .. Let’s get to the bottom of this! Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, Sun Salutations are the most important sequence to learn, yet most commonly executed incorrectly. Each and every part of a Sun Salutation is relevant in all other poses as well as many essential daily activities. This workshop gets in to the nitty gritty about:

  • Forward Folds and how they correlates to common lifestyle activities such as picking something up and lowering your body into a seat.
  • Back Bends and why they are the most critical movement our culture needs to practice regularly.
  • Downward Dog, why it’s one of the BEST poses for your body and how it is relevant to all other inversions.
  • Plank and Chaturanga, that when done correctly can protect you from so many common injuries.
  • How to strengthen your hands, avoid wrist pain and protect your shoulders.
  • Critical details such as where to put your feet, the position of your arms, how to move your pelvis and more.
  • Any specific questions or requests you have, so tell us!

This workshop will be packed with valuable information so reserve your space now, show up on time and be ready to learn a ton that will not only to improve your yoga practice, but will completely change your movement across the board.

CALL 718.865.8568 to reserve your spot.

OPEN TO EVERYONE – regardless of age, experience or health conditions.

Requirements: The willingness to commit to a better lifestyle

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